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2018 Ford Mustang VS 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

2018 Ford Mustang

2018 Ford Mustang

Few cars iconic the floor as the mustang which gets a number of tweak here in this refresh during the current generation. The hood is about an inch lower to the mustang a sleeker appearance sports of probably the biggest single change will notice up front here is with the fog lights.

There reposition from being over here kind of a larger appeared to being here inside of an LED turn and parking life not as many apparent changes in back here. Bbut there is a new lower rear diffuser here with quad exhaust pipes on the GP that's the v 8 version of the mustang you get dual exhaust with the 2. 3 liter eco-boost force owner.

There's no longer of v 6 car here at the auto show has an automatic transmission is the new ten-speed automatic for the mustang though.

There is also an available 6-speed manual those aren't the only changes inside the car obviously you have a new stitching on the center console here you need pads and an available 12-inch that of virtual gauges that can show a lot of different stuff including your last set of lap times or quarter mile zero to sixty those acceleration times should be even lower than before.

Thanks to new engine technologies chief among them you direct and port injection for the 5-liter v 8 and we don't have horsepower torque numbers yet but for promises higher output than last year's 435 horsepower and 400 pound feet of torque so stay tuned for says it will reveal those numbers closer to the new mustang on sale date in fall of 2017.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

There's time around the volkswagen tiguan was a little bit of a small player among popular compact SUV. Here in the united states where folks wagon has completely redesigned it and stem to stern.

This is actually an extended wheelbase version of the youtube juan sold overseas and it's much bigger than its predecessor nearly 11 inches longer bumper-to-bumper. About the size now of a nissan rogue check this out this is the new face of volkswagen obviously in terms of their SUV that similar styling things which seem to the atlas volkswagen.

Three roadnew a large cross over um, I don't know if I'm really wild about it very boxy appearance leaving for volkswagen. The kind of a lot of squash element you see what you think inside a very straightforward dashboard here lots of storage space in terms of just open trades and kind of cubbies to leave things your big knobs for things like climate controls a reconfigurable virtual gauges.

Here they can show you a few different things that and this multimedia screen here on this card here at the other joke as capacitive touch buttons next were never wild about those but at least you get volume and tuning knobs very important glad to see volkswagen kept them here. Now here's the biggest selling point especially for family shoppers the tip on thanks to its extended length now has an available third-row seat pretty small back there but still nice to have it in case you need it and the second receipt moves forward and backwards and many different foot hear.

It often requires lots of versatility their fall down fifty-seven percent more cargo room volkswagen further than the outgoing tiguan and good adult-friendly space up here nice high seating position your passengers should be just fine stay tuned for driving impressions and all that closer to the tiguan on-sale date in summer of 2017.

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New Chevy C30 Crew Cab

Chevy C30 Crew Cab

Whats up fabrication nation we are as I alluded to you in a previous episode we are on our way to add a new vehicle to the family like we need another vehicle. But whatever were gonna make it happen there isn't a back. I havent really mentioned what it is we're going to get so if you've been a long time viewer of channel you see a long time ago.

I did a video of a 71 Chevy dually, not 100 percent because trucking awareness but I did that stroke going to get we're driving to Nashville to meet the guy that owns the truck. He's actually coming from Arkansas I believe gonna meet in Nashville, spend the night and I think of the trunk of them also so got like two hours left this ride made it to the room staying at the indigo Hotel in downtown Nashville.

This place is cool but never stated thing to go it's an old style hotel me over part of downtown Nashville anyway think today or this evening we're just going to experience downtown life hang out with the guy that owns the truck currently and just do the Nashville thing and then tomorrow hopefully we won't feel too bad we'll get up do the paperwork on the truck and then head to the house (music) (more music) (and even more music) I totally over did it last night and now I'm having to drive home feeling like crap alright guys I made it made it back long five hours when you hungover some Nashville party but anyway so I'm going to show you the truck I'm just going to kind of do a walk around real quick show you the truck kind of show you where it is right now maybe give you some ideas of what I plan on doing with it immediately and maybe in the future and I don't have a name for it either so it's got any good ideas as far as a name for this thing let me know it's currently called the Hughley because I got it I got it from his name with Hugh and good name but you need something with some more character.

Chevy C30 Crew Cab
Chevy C30 Crew Cab
So anyway a roll pan its got the Alcoa's already on it got four buckets we've got four bucket seats things these things are out of like it's kind of import maybe like a Integra or something and actually not that bad there feel pretty comfortable I think will be cool maybe find one more of these and then have like three buckets in the rear and two in the front maybe have them recovered some kind of fabric that kind of ties into the theme of truck maybe like a all gray with red something I don't know front same thing got the dual bucket the front and like I said maybe I don't know maybe some kind of red and gray combo or like a burgundy and gray combo where con ties with the red there's the - there so this truck is a 78 78 and so the first thing I want to do obviously is I want to fix the - so probably going to do a - cover redo the gauges do some painting of the needles and the bezel itself kind of like I did on the Black Pearl I'll do that the truck may get carpet like run off the bat may go with like a dark grey carpet or or black and really like the two big things I'm going to do right you know right from the hit besides just cleaning that color thing so like I said 78 78 trucks are obviously carbureted.

Chevy C30 Crew Cab Review and Specs

I think most of them are like big blocks this is not this has a lt1 swap in it it was done by the guy who built the truck who actually lives locally that's how I knew about this truck I actually wanted it when he had it he sold it to the guy that I got it from the guy that I got it from headed in Texas and Arkansas and all over the country and decided to sell it and so anyway doesn't look too bad under here just probably clean up a little bit paint some of the stuff that needs to be painted all the modern amenities have been transferred to this truck in a way that actually looks pretty factory so they did a good job AC and this truck works amazing got the Corvette covers on the lt1 those those motors came in Corvette but I don't think that one cannot have a Corvette I think it's the UH Caprice or something and I just put the covers on it nonetheless is cool the front got the bulbs.

Alright guys there you go the Hughley and upon change your name on it y'all give me with give me some names that you can think of that kind of match the theme of this truck and kind of go with all the other stuff that I do kind of has honestly a theme but all the names let's use for my other rides they seem like they kind of go together so I don't know anyway let me know what you think on the name it's a great truck great bones drives really well AC heat you know it's got all the amenities it's going to be great for the family I'm going to put the whole family in there we're gonna build a ride and should should be a good tow rig too so possibly going to get a trailer and we can you know haul the visitor haul the the goose and may at one point maybe do like a LS like a 62 swap or I don't know maybe a coming swap in it I don't know I'm not going to worry about that right now I'm just going to drive it kind of do put my little touch on it a little bit and just enjoy it for now anyway there you go the new addition like I said it's been a long two days feeling it right now but let me know what you think.

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1999-2006 Chevrolet Silverado Suburban LED Headlights Installation

1999-2006 Chevrolet Silverado Suburban
Hello guys, today we bing to you a 1999-2006 Chevrolet Silverado Suburban. Welcome to Our Auto's Projector Headlight installation guide for the Chevrolet Suburban. No tools are required for this install. And you can do it yourself easily. Follow our guide step by step below.

First thing you need to do is check out how Spyder projectors change the look of your Suburban. Start by opening the hood. You'll need to unlock and remove the two retainer stakes that secure the headlight to the body. Rotate the stake out of the holder, then just pull up to free it.

With the stakes removed, now we can unseat the headlight. Disconnect the high beam harness, then disconnect the low-beam harness. We have to transfer a few things before we continue. Take a look at the back side of your OEM headlight. Remove the high beam bulb from the OEM headlight.

Never touch exposed bulbs with bare hands. Inspect the bulb gasket before we transfer it over. Replace the gasket if it's worn. Now locate your Snyder headlight. Take a look at its back side. Install the high beam bulb into your Spyder headlight.

These are your headlight beam adjusters locations. They are eight millimeter. For information on how to wire the HALOs and more, check out the FAQs playlist on the Spyder Auto YouTube channel. Now we're ready to install our Spyder headlight.

Reconnect the high beam harness, then reconnect the low beam harness. Then go ahead and seat the Spyder headlight, taking care not to pinch the harness between the headlight and the body. Now we'll reinstall the two retainer stakes to secure the headlight.

Then just close the hood, and you're done. Congratulations, you've fitted your Suburban with a set of stylish projector headlights from Spyder Auto. This is the actual projector cutoff line. Announcer: Brought to you by Jegs. Fast delivery. Your source for high performance and quality. Delivering performance since 1960.