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2018 Ford Mustang VS 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

2018 Ford Mustang

2018 Ford Mustang

Few cars iconic the floor as the mustang which gets a number of tweak here in this refresh during the current generation. The hood is about an inch lower to the mustang a sleeker appearance sports of probably the biggest single change will notice up front here is with the fog lights.

There reposition from being over here kind of a larger appeared to being here inside of an LED turn and parking life not as many apparent changes in back here. Bbut there is a new lower rear diffuser here with quad exhaust pipes on the GP that's the v 8 version of the mustang you get dual exhaust with the 2. 3 liter eco-boost force owner.

There's no longer of v 6 car here at the auto show has an automatic transmission is the new ten-speed automatic for the mustang though.

There is also an available 6-speed manual those aren't the only changes inside the car obviously you have a new stitching on the center console here you need pads and an available 12-inch that of virtual gauges that can show a lot of different stuff including your last set of lap times or quarter mile zero to sixty those acceleration times should be even lower than before.

Thanks to new engine technologies chief among them you direct and port injection for the 5-liter v 8 and we don't have horsepower torque numbers yet but for promises higher output than last year's 435 horsepower and 400 pound feet of torque so stay tuned for says it will reveal those numbers closer to the new mustang on sale date in fall of 2017.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

There's time around the volkswagen tiguan was a little bit of a small player among popular compact SUV. Here in the united states where folks wagon has completely redesigned it and stem to stern.

This is actually an extended wheelbase version of the youtube juan sold overseas and it's much bigger than its predecessor nearly 11 inches longer bumper-to-bumper. About the size now of a nissan rogue check this out this is the new face of volkswagen obviously in terms of their SUV that similar styling things which seem to the atlas volkswagen.

Three roadnew a large cross over um, I don't know if I'm really wild about it very boxy appearance leaving for volkswagen. The kind of a lot of squash element you see what you think inside a very straightforward dashboard here lots of storage space in terms of just open trades and kind of cubbies to leave things your big knobs for things like climate controls a reconfigurable virtual gauges.

Here they can show you a few different things that and this multimedia screen here on this card here at the other joke as capacitive touch buttons next were never wild about those but at least you get volume and tuning knobs very important glad to see volkswagen kept them here. Now here's the biggest selling point especially for family shoppers the tip on thanks to its extended length now has an available third-row seat pretty small back there but still nice to have it in case you need it and the second receipt moves forward and backwards and many different foot hear.

It often requires lots of versatility their fall down fifty-seven percent more cargo room volkswagen further than the outgoing tiguan and good adult-friendly space up here nice high seating position your passengers should be just fine stay tuned for driving impressions and all that closer to the tiguan on-sale date in summer of 2017.

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